Are you looking for a group to run, jog or walk with or just looking for an excuse to exercise?

I started this group as a simple way to meet runners and create friendships while getting in some miles and not skipping my workout. (I have to show up every week as others are counting on me being there) All are welcome!

Can’t run from your front door to your mailbox? Don’t sweat it, at 30 years old I couldn’t either.

Are you a seasoned runner with new goals or just want to be part of a group? Somewhere in between? We offer free runs all year around and other events.

Please see the calendar tab. You can E-mail us for more info or just show up to one of the group runs. No need to RSVP. While this is a free group I do offer running advice and there is some basic structure to the runs. We introduce all new people and make sure no one is left behind.

I also have the Crossfit Endurance Certification to coach good running form.

Please wear comfortable running attire for the conditions of the day and bring a water bottle.

For more information, photos, and members input, please join BIFFLEDINKED Running on Facebook.