We specialize in runs and races that are a bit different like the 10x5k. To see details on the 10x5k roll your mouse over the event tab and click on the "10x5k" drop down. There is a link to registration on that page. There is also more info and photos along with the registration link on the FB event page. "Biffledinked 10x5k.

Please join our BIFFLEDINKED Running Facebook page for regularly updated information and events. Some smaller events are not posted on the website. Some are spur of the moment and based on weather conditions.

For instance our gym posted a workout for an April Fools day prank which was to row a 1/2 marathon stopping every mile to do 13 burpees with a 1 hour time cap. Now a 1/2 marathon is 21,097 meters and it is not humanly possible to complete that even without the burpees in 1 hour. However I wanted to see how far I could get. I invited others to endure this torture with me not truly expecting anyone would. Turns out we maxed out as we only have 6 rowers and 5 others fools wanted in. It was torture, but the best distance was just shy of 18,500 meters and 93 burpees.