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BiffleDinked History

The story so far...
We decided we needed a 'guys week'. No kids, no wives, no worries. Deciding what to do took almost a year. We talked sunny beaches in Mexico, skiing in Colorado, Deep sea fishing in the Gulf. Nothing caught our eye.

In late November, John was almost talked into running an Ultra-marathon. While the distance appealed to him, he wisely decided it would be easier to run if he had several others running most of the distance for him. The Overland Relay caught his attention, now it was simply a matter of talking four friends into doing this with him.

August was easily convinced. Bill was victimized by the sketchy information posted on the original web site and our complete lack of knowledge of how a relay is run (we expected more flexibility about who could run what, and expected to be able to give Bill a light run schedule. He is currently scheduled to run 30 miles!)

At this point John nearly ran out of friends, but remembered an old college buddy (the rest of us our friends from High School) who agreed to be part of the team.

The team was set, we needed a name.

Naming a team ain't easy. Lots of good suggestions were raised. Ours arrived quite accidentally

Ok, now I'm drinking vodka and I'm not even slightly biffle dinked.

Doonesbury comic that referenced the term Biffle Dinked

Since publication of this comic, "Biffle Dinked" has become synonymous with the state of being mentally confused, but blissfully unaware of the confusion.

For long distance runners, this can be a problem. For team 'Biffle Dinked', this is a strategy. Being blissfully unaware will likely sound pretty good halfway through this event. Bring on blissful unawareness.

Over the years others have been alternates on the team for one reason or another and the team grew to 6 as most ultra relays call for 6 runners. There have even been ladies on the team.

I am not one of the original members but have run quite a few races on Team Biffledinked and have decided, with the approval of all the original team members, to carry on the name with group runs and races. The races will tend to be out of the ordinary. The first “Biffledinked Running” race was held on May 2nd 2015 and was call the Biffledinked 10x5k. It was a 5k on the hour, ever hour, for 10 hours. It was a huge success and 2 of the original members, John and August, participated. Other members participated as well. This race will be held again on April 30th 2016.